Spendenaufruf für Amr

I got the chance to be alive, to breathe, to see, to be able to send these words, to have a heart and be connected to you and to others as well. The world fills my eyes: people, animals, nature, and universe. My heart became an ocean of love and pain, I feel I just arrived, I have been here 25 years, I noticed that no matter where I grew up, whatever the culture or background I have, I will always be from this world „our home“, where our paths crossed, where I saw your sun and heard your voice. Perhaps the personal situations keep us away, perhaps I will forget the name they call you but I will never forget that I met the spirit that you are. A friend of mine says that everything is allowed to be, is allowed to change. I believe that all laws, policies, wars, poverty and economies, we made it up as human beings in order to understand or to control the miracle that we live in. It makes me sad and feels the pain to live in a world where other creatures are treated bad and where I am even told that this is the only reality! This is how the system works!

It has touched me deeply to grow up in a conflict area and then, to see people like you who give as much as they can to prove that hope is existing. For me and for every things breath up. I send this word to ask for support for my journey to Germany to patriciate in a program called Project Peace for one year (http://projectpeace.de) which is offered by beautiful people who gave me a scholarship that covers hosting me and allowing me to learn more about peace, sustainability, theater, and more.

After the amount of money that I spend to get the traveling documents and paid to face some difficulties that my family has, I’m afraid that I might lose this opportunity, by not being  able to cover the transportation to Germany before the date, it includes going to the  Jordanian airport, the flight ticket, documents, and border taxes.

I’m very grateful for the people who support me, I already collected175 € from what I would need is2000 €.
I’m looking forward to finding a place in your heart.

I very thankful to transfer a donation to:
Warm regards

Ph +972526457398